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We strive to make the best windows and doors in America. If a company wants that kind of success in today’s business world, it needs a fresh set of eyes every now and then. That’s what we strive for with our internship program at MI Windows and Doors: We want talented, motivated young people to shake the shackles of academia off for a brief time, roll their sleeves up, and get to work bringing fresh energy to our company.

We want to make sure that our internship program is mutually beneficial, which is why we ask experienced supervisors to oversee our interns and help guide them throughout their experience. Since beginning the intern program in 2016, we’ve been helped immensely by the input of these bright young minds.

Read on to hear the stories of how our interns help MI Windows and Doors create the finest windows, doors, and experiences every day, everywhere.


Brittany Smeltz Headshot 

Brittany Smeltz

Human Resources Intern
West Chester University

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Cody Snyder Headshot 

Cody Snyder

Fabrication and Tooling Intern
Pennsylvania College of Technology

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Courtney Radel Headshot 

Courtney Radel

Marketing Intern
Susquehanna University

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Dhruv Bohara Headshot 

Dhruv Bohara

Engineering Intern
Penn State University

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Michael Tempalski Headshot 

Michael Tempalski

Safety Intern
Slippery Rock University

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Shelan Farook Headshot 

Shelan Farook

Information Technology Intern
Penn State | Harrisburg

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Todd Dumas Headshot 

Todd Dumas

Supply Chain Intern
Kutztown University

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Travis Crider Headshot 

Travis Crider

Engineering Intern
Wilkes University

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