Precision Built in the USA

Since Our Beginning in 1947

Proudly Made in the USA

From the rolling hills of central Pennsylvania to the mountains of central Arizona, MI Windows and Doors is hard at work. Our windows and doors are made by Americans in four fabrication centers located in three time zones across this country. We’re proud to say that we’re made in the USA.

Founded by two flight instructors who trained military pilots during World War II, MI Windows has long provided jobs in numerous locations throughout the USA. Presently, our company employs more than 2,500 Team Members—and we’re still growing.

At every one of our facilities—from rural Pennsylvania to suburban Dallas to the Phoenix suburb of Prescott Valley—MI provides well-paying jobs to hard-working Americans. And these employment opportunities at MI facilities contribute to the economic vitality of those regions. 

At MI Windows, we love being a part of the building process, whether it’s the building of homes and office buildings with our superior products, or building the local economies of the regions in which we’re located. This is the vision our founders had for the company from the beginning. It’s the vision we’re seeing through to this day.

We’re MI Windows: Made in the USA since 1947.


US Manufacturing Locations