Window Materials

Understand the key differences of vinyl versus aluminum windows.

Aluminum and Vinyl Window Styles

Here at MI we manufacture windows and doors made from two different materials - Aluminum and Vinyl. Both Aluminum and Vinyl windows have their advantages. Browse our various sections to see more information about each of them.



Aluminum windows and doors are valued for their durability and strength. With minimal maintenance required, the ability to be painted, and the inherent strength of the metal, these windows provide a great option for those looking for large glass expanses. Typically found in the warmer parts of the country, and only available out of our Flower Mound, TX facility, aluminum windows resist cracking, peeling and warping under the sun's heat.


Vinyl windows are the most popular and widely installed types of windows and doors available today. Vinyl products require very little maintenance and are resistant to bugs, cracking, peeling and are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They also offer superior energy efficiency compared to other window materials, and when combined with highly insulating glass packages, can help reduce energy costs.

MI also offers multiple interior and exterior color options for those homeowners looking for a more customized look.